We believe in the power of innovation

Our Innovation Strategy

From its earliest days, the Eczacıbaşı Group has recognized the value of creative and original ideas. For us, innovation is a corporate culture that is sustainable, measurable and manageable and that enables us to keep one step ahead of the competition. Hence, we strive continually to develop this culture in a systematic manner.

We see innovation as an integral part of our daily lives, something that affects all our business processes, independent of our job descriptions. Successful innovation, we believe, is the most creative solution to a consumer’s real need. By looking at life, our environment and our products through the eyes of consumers, we are able to take an innovative approach to every stage of the product development journey from conception to launch.


Innovation for Everyone

For the Eczacıbaşı Group, innovation and value creation are inseparable. Every innovation should contribute new value to our companies and all our stakeholders. Additionally, we must make innovation and value creation a continual and sustainable process.

Innovation for Consumers

Innovation for our Group

Innovation for our Employees


How do we create the climate for
innovation ?


As part of our efforts to internalize innovation, we developed the Inocino Suggestion Evaluation System, which enables us to transform valuable new ideas into value creating projects.


Blue Ocean

“Strategy requires a choice between differentiation and low cost.” Before the launch of the Blue Ocean concept, this is what everyone believed. Developed by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, Blue Ocean Strategy makes a fundamental break from this tenant by offering a new target and perspective for achieving differentiation and low cost at the same time.


Meet Innovation

We know that innovation only occurs in an environment that encourages creativity and innovative thinking.

We are taking steps to establish this environment and transform innovation into a corporate culture.